Group Media in Muswell Hill

Muswell Hill & Friends public group policy.


You Can Post: 

  • Non Profit Events
  • Non Profit Services
  • Missing People or Pets
  • Local News and Information. (Non Profit)
  • Art Related Images and Shows
  • Muswell Hill or History Related Images
  • Links to other Non Profit Groups and Pages Related to Muswell Hill
  • Arts / Health / Education Ads with Fees must have a back link from your site or page to Muswell Hill and Friends Group or Website

You Can NOT Post:

  • Any Type of Business Advertising (This is a Non Profit Group)
  • Items for Sale ( Try Muswell Hil Buy & Sell Group )
  • Images that Promote Profit for Business. 
  • Political Agendas or Hold any Political Debate in this Group
  • Any Group, Page or Website that is for Profit or Business use
  • Any type of Pornography (Lifetime Ban from this Group)

Appropriate Behavior & Inappropriate Behavior 

Admin reserves the right to remove any member of the group if they deem their behaviour is not appropriate. 

Bullying, threatening or offensive posts will not be tolerated. The member will be removed from group.

False reporting of hate crimes  is taken very seriously. This can lead to a lifetime ban from all groups and pages if you are found to be false reporting. 

Provocation of racial comments is not appropriate behaviour. Members using religion, race or color to invite a racial comment from other Members will be removed from all groups and pages.

Repeat Business or Political Agenda Posters will be Removed from this Group.

Muswell Hill & Friends Group